Bali Bird Park

Location: Batu Bulan – Bali
Duration: 1-2 hours
The Bali Bird Park has a large collection of rare and unusual Indonesian birds and birds from other coun

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Devdan Show

Location: Nusa Dua – Bali
From IDR 845,000
Duration: 2-3 hours
Devdan: Treasure of the Archipelago takes viewers on a 90-minute tour of Indonesia throu

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West Bali National Park

The largest part of West Bali is covered by West Bali National Park, also called Bali Barat National Park, the only national park on the island. The park i

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Waterbom Bali

Amusement Parks, Recreation, Swimming/Pools. Enjoy the good life and satisfy your soul, an oasis in the heart of Kuta.
Location: Tuban Kuta – Bali

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Elephant Park Tour

Elephant Park Tour, one of Bali’s most popular attractions, offers visitors a chance to observe 30 Sumatran elephants in a natural setting. As part of th

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Bali offers a myriad of diverse attractions from the furthest reaches in the south of the island all the way to the north, across to the east and back to the west. Taking a journey away from the tourist masses will be a truly refreshing experience and most likely give tourists a unique experience and better understanding of the true Bali. Here are just a few attractions to consider on your very own PVB tailored day trip.

Uluwatu Temple would be a great place to start.Imagine a large rugged limestone cliff with a temple perched on it, almost like a scene from cliffhanger, to add to it’s dramatic grandeur. It is situated in the island commonly known as Bukit Peninsula, where it also include Bali’s few best beaches like Balangan and also has many good surfing spots. The temple is itself a majestic structure, constructed and expanded by many famous safes since in the 11th Century, it perched at the steep cliff of 70 meters above the Indian ocean. If you go even higher grounds nearby, you will be rewarded with breathtaking view of either side and sunsets over Uluwatu temple itself.

Pura Tanah Lot Another majestic rock formation that lays as a foundation of a popular pilgrimage temple. It is most popular for its serenity and cultural significance as it is associated with the Balinese mythology as one of the seven temples that form a ring in the southwest of Bali. Try to go there during low tide so that you can experience walking across the water to the temple for the full experience.

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan (Bali’s temple by the lake)This is the famous temple by the lake in Bali, where instead of like the rest perching on the cliff rock, this one is serenely resting at the edge of Lake Bratan. Imagine beautifully structured temple with double the beauty due to reflections of the clear lake.

Dolphins at Lovina One of the best place in the world to do dolphin sighting boat trip. You will leave the beach at dawn to seek for the dolphins, though yes it may be quite crowded with other tourists trying to do the same especially during peak season, it is still well worth it when you find a school of dolphins happily jumping by. Lovina itself have a number of other attractions and activities itself, and boasts itself some backpacker scene where you can chill out in cafes and with live musics.

UbudYes despite that one might be trying to escape the eat, pray, love trail, Ubud is one place you cannot miss. It is still the heart of Bali, where all the action is and all the people and energy are focused on. Ubud is packed and condensed with the best of Bali, ranging from nature, culture and people, temples, museums, rolling rice/paddy fields and man-made gardens and parks. You may take a interesting bike tour around here or take up cooking, adventure activities like whitewater rafting and other outdoor activities, relax yourself with yoga and meditation or have some pampering of spas and massages and also enjoy arts and theatres and not to forget shopping. Just so you see Ubud have a little bit of everything for almost everyone.

Kuta BeachKuta is the most popular beach in Bali, which means you can be sure to find the life and party scene here in Kuta Beach. Head here if you are looking out to socialize, party and have a good time. You be sure to find a range of places for different atmosphere and budget, ranging from Hard Rock cafe to your neighborhood cafe and pub.

Climb Mount Batur at Kintamani Up in a highland in East of Bali, there lies Mount Batur caldera in Kintamani. A climb to the summit (1700 meters) of this active volcano is a great experience for any active travelers. Many would do the sunrise hike for an ultimate experience, starting from as early as 4am to reach in time for 6am sunrise. This hike is relatively easy and the treks are quite well marked. From the peak of the mountain, there are views in all direction to sweep you off your feet, not literally of course.

Ayana  Rock bar on the rocks We have two temples on the cliff, now we get to drink off the bar perched on yet another cliff at Ayana in Bali. This is known as the best bar in Bali, having a long line of people daily trying to get in and have a drink or two with some bites (which is surprisingly good) while overlooking the sea crashing into the rocks below. Think about drinking, chilling and also dancing atop a cliff with the roaring sea stretching behind you to infinity while you watch white water crashed onto the side of the wall creating a spectacular of natural show. If you decide where is one bar you must go to, Ayana bar on the rocks is the place.

So you have it, plenty of reasons to visit Bali and these are just the highlights. Now you know the reason behind Bali’s popularity, so maybe people can just be right sometimes. Come over with an open heart and open arms, huge ounce of patience and tolerance for crowd, close an eye to all the touristy things glaring at you and just enjoy yourself  here. If all else fail, you can always jump on the next available fast boat and escape to the famous Gili Islands.

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